Consignment Information

Consigning Horses for Auction:

The Monday following each horse auction, we will post a link in Lot 1 of the next auction for you to click on that will send you to our online consignment form. You must fill out one form for each consignment.

We will post the link after 12pm the Monday following the auction.

Schedule -

Thursday before the auction

12pm-7pm – Horse Check In

·        Please check your horse in at the Horse Check In area.

·        Bring your paperwork to the Horse Auction Office located on the north side of the building.

Friday, Auction Day!

9am-12pm – Horse Check In

·        Please check your horse in at the Horse Check In area.

·        Bring your paperwork to the Horse Auction Office located on the north side of the building.

1pm – Live preview in the arena – This will be streamed live on our Facebook page.  (Preview is WEATHER DEPENDENT and may not happen.)

·        We will begin our preview with team roping.  This section will be for horses that have roped out of the box before.

·        Individual previews will follow the rope horse preview. 

·        Open arena will follow the scheduled preview.

5pm – Live auction begins.  Consignments will sell in lot number order.  Please be ready in line when it is your time to sell.

Consignment Requirements • Current negative coggins(within 6 months of auction date) and a health certificate. (Consignments from Oregon are not required to have a health certificate.) • Minimum of 4 CURRENT conformation pictures - One of each side (left, right, front and back - with no rider, saddle or blanket.) • If registered you must submit a picture of the registration papers and a picture of a signed transfer. • PLEASE read all the terms and conditions for consigning to the Eugene Horse Auction. • We encourage submitting extra pictures and videos of your horse. • Consignments selling covered under our soundness policy – Consignor must provide a name/ranch/business name and phone number which will be included in their story/description. • Consignments selling as is – Consignors must provide a name/ranch/business name which will be included in their story/description. Phone numbers in addition to your name are encouraged but optional. • Non Represented Horses - Consignments selling with no consignor name or phone number will sell as is and will sell in a section at the end of the auction. These consignments will still be in the online catalog. Questions about changes - please email our office at

Commission and Fees • Commission is 8% per consignment with a minimum of $45.00. • $50.00 consignment fee in addition to the 8% commission or no sale fee. • No Sale Fee is $45 per consignment. • No Show/Never Offered Fee - $500.00. • Yardage $1.00 per consignment. • Board - $10 per day per horse. Board includes feed. • Each consignment will be provided one bag of shavings - Shavings are sponsored by Auction Sales Co. & Zesterra representative Shawn Wilkinson. • Additional bags of shavings can be purchased for $10/bag. • Water buckets are provided for each pen. You are welcome to bring your own if you choose.

Eugene Horse Auction Consignor Terms and Conditions: Eugene Horse Auction Consignor Terms and Conditions:

The consignor of each animal represents and warrants to the buyer and Eugene Livestock Auction to include but not limited to the following: • Title of the animal, free from all claims of ownership. • If your consignment is selling with ELA soundness policy in place, you as the consignor understand that you are guaranteeing that your consignment will hit the ground solid on all four feet, will not crib or suck wind and can see clearly out of both eyes. ****ELA management reserves the right to refuse the soundness guarantee on any consignment.**** ALL LOOSE CONSIGNMENTS SELL AS IS.

*****ELA SOUNDNESS POLICY***** Consignments sold under the ELA Soundness Policy will hit the ground solid on all four feet, will not crib or suck wind and can see clearly out of both eyes. If ELA accepts loose consignments they will sell AS IS. Eugene Horse Auction Management reserves the right to refuse the soundness policy on any consignment they feel necessary. The ELA soundness policy is NOT A VET EXAM and WILL NOT USE A VET EXAM in determining the soundness of a consignment sold under the ELA soundness policy. The ELA soundness policy is between buyer and seller only and does not include any other persons. All consignments that are sold with the ELA Soundness policy are covered by the seller until the Monday following the horse auction at 5:00 PM(PST) . Shall any soundness disputes arise, the Eugene Livestock Auction Horse Auction management will be the sole deciding judge. Purchaser must bring the equine in question back to Eugene Livestock Auction before 5pm the Monday following the auction for inspection by Eugene Horse Auction Management. In the event it is determined that the defect was present at the time of sale and not announced, the sale of said equine shall be null and void. If the Eugene Horse Auction management determines the equine, not to have the alleged defect, the sale of said equine is valid and enforceable and purchaser assumes all costs of examination and sale purchase price. In settling disputes, the decision by Eugene Livestock Auction management is final. Eugene Livestock Auction Horse Auction Management reserves the right to refuse to sell a consignment with the ELA Soundness Policy in place. Eugene Livestock Auction reserves the right to add/edit a consignments story if a defect is discovered when it arrives at our facility. If soundness policy is removed by ELA Management the pre bidding on said consignment will be set to zero at the time the soundness policy is removed if necessary.


Eugene Livestock Auction and its associates act as agents only and are not responsible for buyer/seller error or misunderstanding. All guarantees are strictly between the buyer and seller. Original Papers and proper transfers must be provided by the seller to auction office in order for any horse to be sold as a registered horse.

Management reserves the right to pull blood on any consignment and WILL HAVE THE VET ON SITE to pull blood on a percentage of random consignments auction day. All horses will have a visual inspection in their pen and may be subject to further vet inspection at the discretion of the horse auction vet. According to Oregon State Law - Chapter 165 — Offenses Involving Fraud or Deception 165.825 Sale of drugged horse - (1)No person shall sell or offer for sale any horse that is drugged, tranquilized or otherwise sedated without the consent of the buyer. (2)Violation of subsection (1) of this section is a misdemeanor. [1971 c.175 §§1,2]

Eugene Livestock Auction has the right to refuse any consignment submitted.

ALL consignments are required to have current negative Coggins. Current Health Inspections are required on all consignments from out of Oregon state. Consignments that arrive at auction without coggins and health requirements will not sell and consignor will be charged the $45.00 no sale charge.

By Consignment to Eugene Horse Auction, Consignor grants the EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO SELL the consignment subject to the above provisions and agrees to all terms and conditions. Consignor agrees to not privately sell the consignment. To withdraw your original consignment from Eugene Horse Auction, it must be injured or sick and must have a vet release and submit injury/sick video to waive the no sale/no show fee & retrieve registration papers. Warranty: Animals that are rejected by the buyer because they are misrepresented in the ring will need to be inspected by Eugene Horse Auction management, they will make the final determination whether there was misrepresentation. There is no implied warranty made by auctioneer as to the merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of any animal in the sale. The seller is the responsible party for all representations or warranties expressed or implied concerning the condition of any horse and buyers should satisfy themselves concerning the condition before purchasing. Consignors will not refund money because of human/animal personality conflicts. Absolutely no private sales in the yards before or after the auction. All horses brought to the sale must be consigned and go through our auction ring. Any horse that is a “no sale” in the ring but sold outside are expected to report it to the office. That sale must still go through the office. We will leave it up to the integrity of the seller to make sure this happens so the seller will be welcome back to the auction. There will be a $50.00 consignment fee in addition to the commission. An 8% commission or a minimum of $45 will be charged on all consignments sold, whichever is greater. Advertising your horse is done as a courtesy of the Eugene Livestock Auction/ Eugene Horse Auction staff. No sale fee is $45.00.

If your horse is consigned, then pulled from the sale, or does not show up day of the sale, there is a $500 no show fee. Registration papers will not be returned until fee is paid, and seller will not be welcomed back until fee is paid. In order to waive the $500 no show fee, owner must provide a vet release explaining why the horse cannot sell at the sale.

All consignor checks will be available at 2pm the day following the auction, unless horses are guaranteed sound. If soundness guarantee is made I specifically understand that I will not receive payment for my consigned horse(s) by the close of the next business day following the date of sale as provided in Packers and Stockyards Regulations 201.43 but that payment to me may be delayed until the seventh day following the date of sale. If no soundness issues are reported and verified by Eugene Livestock Auction management, checks for these horses will be available the Tuesday following the auction. If you are not present to pick up your check, all checks will be mailed the next business day, unless held for soundness guarantee. Liability: Buyers, sellers, and spectators are cautioned to exercise care while attending the sale and enter premises at their own risk according to the laws of the State of Oregon.

Neither the owners nor any other persons connected with this sale assume any liability, legal or otherwise, for accidents to persons or property, before, during, or after the sale. Eugene Livestock Auction/Eugene Horse Auction its principals, directors, officers, agents, employees and volunteers, and each and every landowner, municipal and/or government agency upon whose property this activity is conducted, shall not be liable for injuries sustained by anyone attending the Horse Sale. In further consideration of this consignment, I agree to indemnify and defend Eugene Livestock Auction/Eugene Horse Auction, their agents and associates, from all injury, loss of equipment, loss of animal or damages to myself, my animals or damages or injury to others lien property from my animals, by entering this horse sale in Junction City, Oregon. I verify that all photos submitted to Eugene Livestock Auction/Eugene Horse Auction, have full permission to be used for advertising and are free and clear from all photography copyright laws. The undersigned by executing this instrument delivers said property to Eugene Livestock Auction/Eugene Horse Auction and declares themselves owner or legal agent and authorizes the sale thereof at public auction for his/her account according to its usual custom and represents the consignment is clear of all encumbrances unless listed above and may be legally sold. I verify that I have read the above information in full and hereby agree to be bound by them. By signing, you, the consignor (or authorized consignor), agree to all Eugene Livestock Auction terms & conditions listed above, assure all information given on equine is true, accurate and complete.

Please include the following for each equine consigned. 1. Photos of your equine – CURRENT photos must be submitted. The minimum photo requirements must include the following 4 photos - one from each side of consignment(right & left side, front and back) without a saddle or rider. Additional photos and videos are encouraged as well. By submitting photos you are giving Eugene Livestock Auction rights to all photos to use in any advertising and promotion necessary to promote your consignment. 2. YouTube link to video of each equine. - Show riding and performance ability as well as gentleness and temperament. By submitting videos you are giving Eugene Livestock Auction rights to all videos to use in any advertising and promotion necessary to promote your consignment. 3. Copy of registration and proper transfer if applicable Quality photos and videos will help market your equine!! *****ALL VIDEOS AND PICTURES THAT CAN NOT BE UPLOADED WITH THIS FORM MUST BE EMAILED TO EUGENEHORSEAUCTION@GMAIL.COM ON OR BEFORE THE DATE MENTIONED ABOVE INTHIS FORM. VIDEOS AND/OR PICTURES RECEIVED AFTER THIS DATE WILL NOT BE GUARANTEED TO BE ENTERED INTO THE ONLINE CATALOG.***** ******Sending pictures and videos early will help promote the sale of your consignment******