Located in the Halsey, Oregon area we are a family operated horse and tack auction company. Out of the passion for horses and for auctions, Eugene Horse Auction was created from our parent company Eugene Livestock Auction which you can visit here.

Get ready to socialize and meet new people in the industry while taking advantage and get involved in our auction experience. Our plan is to keep the live auction experience a fun, happy, family friendly environment where you go not only for the horses and tack, but the experience too. Come by and get to know us and the auctioneers for an experience you will remember!

The Eugene Horse Auction is held at the Eugene Livestock Auction, in Junction City, Oregon, on the second Friday of every month. The live portion auction begins at 5pm. Preview of the horses begins at 9am sale day morning. Contact us to learn more or call us at 541-998-3353.

About Us Leon was born and raises in the Halsey area, so he is a familiar face you might see around. Leon and Chloe recently purchase the Eugene Livestock Auction and are eager to keep expanding and providing you services for the livestock and horse arena. As Eugene Horse Auction is launched, they are excited to show you what they can do for you. Contact Us today with questions or if you have horses to sell. Looking for Eugene Livestock auction and you can visit us here.